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Practice Areas

If we do not handle the particular area of law that you are looking for, we will connect you to an attorney in our trusted network that does.

Personal Injury
Hurt in an accident? We are here to help. It can be difficult to know what steps to take after being injured. Sometimes, the difference between a big recovery and a substantial loss is simply securing experienced legal counsel to guide you. We take care of your legal case so you can focus on your recovery.

Workers' Compensation
Have you been hurt at work? If so, you may be entitled to a recovery for your injury. It is important to take the right steps- we are here to help you maximize your recovery.

Medical Malpractice
Have you been injured in the course of your medical care? We can determine if your doctors and other healthcare providers have made a mistake that entitles you to financial compensation.

Wrongful Death
Have you lost a family member as a result of someone’s negligence or misconduct? Let us handle the stress of your legal grievances during your time of personal grief. We will pursue your case with dedication and professionalism to get you the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Civil Rights
The law protects people against the government when it has overreached or abused its power. If you are a victim of such abuse, we know your rights and are here to fight for you.

Criminal Defense
Have you been charged with a crime? The State has infinite resources to prosecute your case- it is important to choose a defense attorney with the knowledge and ability to fight back. We have represented hundreds of clients, on cases ranging from misdemeanors to murders. We provide aggressive, experienced and effective criminal defense. 

Orders of Protection/ Stalking No Contact Orders

Orders of protection and stalking no contact orders can have serious ramifications. You could lose your ability to possess a weapon, your name could be entered into the police LEADS database, you could find yourself unable to attain professional licensing or have employers questioning you about your background. If you have been served with an order of protection or stalking no contact order you need to act fast to contest the order against you.  

DUI/ Traffic/ Secretary of State Hearings
Pulled over? Don’t join the group of people who underestimate the importance of fighting traffic tickets. People frequently plea guilty without understanding the consequences: gaining unnecessary points on your license can result in suspension, revocation or increased insurance rates. Before taking a plea deal, consult with our offices to make sure you are making the best choice. 

If your license is suspended or revoked, we may be able to take legal action to have your driving privileges reinstated. Navigating the rules and regulations of driving privileges can be tricky- don’t hesitate to contact us about your suspended or revoked license.

Estate Planning
Over the next 30-40 years, the "Boomer" generation is expected to transfer an estimated $30 trillion in assets to their heirs. This constitutes the greatest transfer of wealth in financial history. Unfortunately, many people do not take the opportunity to plan their estate before they are faced with a difficult loss in their family. Protect your assets and your posterity by planning ahead.